"Сhances of winner. chances thinner." (По мотивам фристайла Эменема из филма 8 Mile)

People think million dollar standest you?

And I think not even cents two.

And I think you do not standest me.

But you think you're cool, with headset Dr.Dre.


No.. no .. Brother you look, title of my book:

"Everywhere fraud or a lie".. this's true - my way and my life..

But Why? Why? What for cry and recall stupid your mistake?

Why? I want to take and hear the answer now.

I want say.. Don't a silent by sound!


Louder, because I cannot hear.

Leader? Justis like a child five year.


Seems to me, you don't want know a him,

Seems your interest exactly not me, a fortiori.

My chances in this case more so thiner and thiner

Because people know seize difficult chances of winner.

chances thiner...chances of winner, why this diner?


Chance for we to leave there's a still.

Somebody, call the a killer. Please now me kill


Please anyone to three a diner.

living heart can't take such torment?

not justify in before of him.

i like play football in the evening,


And wish everyone good luck

But today i wish everyone many gold in bag.

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