Story of my life

She must keep on this way

And feel it with her heart

But something also say -

She'll stop before the start.


So hard to understand..

If human you or not.

You sleep,walk,eat,talk and

Not all will see a lot..


But that,who knows her soul

Will think, "Is she alright?"

And suddenly the whole

Picture will be right.


She has a secret,yes.

And maybe something bad.

These thoughts,as cruel press

Begin to squeese friends' head.


And once, the pain he feel

Will fully him engross.

And guy will try to heal

Her mind and soul,because..


He loves her,very much

And he can sware to God,

That wants to be her crutch,

Her help,her strength,her rod.


Without a doubt,his life

Will be no more a blende.

And overcoming strifes

He'll be hers till the end.

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