Talking to a portrait of father

Enemies covered blue sky of our country,

Men went to the bloody war. have died, father, being true to your country

in the last fight.


I miss you, father, very much...

Your words are still alive in my memory.

I am looking at your picture and it seems

That your eyes are talking to me every time.


I am trembling, burning, sweating...

What will you say? I want to know.

My heart is full of grief, father...

But why are you laughing all the time?


In half of the year your house was left.

Moss covered the bricks of it.

Where are you, father, come here and look?

How much wind blew without you.


Each of the bricks, each of the stones are close to you...

We are waiting for you, but you are not here.

You’ve built a base of this house...

House is alive, the base is still strong.


It seems your portrait is talking to me.

It seems your voice fills the room.

I am choking with tears, father, father. -

You are still laughing on the portrait.

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