My sweet muse

My little lamb, he treats you mean

Don't say "Much better than it seems"

He's really cool but yet he's mad

My dear, you - that's all he had

And has got now. I want you so

With every day this feeling grows

And grows again. I'm on the edge

My lust for you will never end

My arms are warm my voice is soft

I'm here. Waiting for your call

Be mine - I beg. You know, someday

I'll stay with you - he'll fade away..

But still you stand in front of him

With shaking arms. His face is grim

You've made a terrible mistake

Girl, you're miracle he takes

For granted! Babe, you so naive

I love you.God.Please, let it be...

Sweet curves of her ambrosial hips -

I flow, I drool, I lose my grip

Her skin so close I can go daft

My BF'll never know - she's hot

Much hotter than he'd ever been

Her taste of most entrancing sin

Her scent - like dream, her magic lips..

Lord, she's an angel, I exist

To bring her everlasting joy

To be her love, to be her toy!

And up right now she's next to me.

She's sleeping. God. Please, let it be...

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